Our Commitment

Sonoma State University is committed to providing a fully inclusive environment responsive to the needs of all students. As such, information technology resources, services and programs will be made accessible to persons with disabilities. This effort represents a shared responsibility of all members of the campus and will require ongoing, overall institutional attention and commitment for its success.

Electronic and Information Technology refers to all programs and services provided to faculty, staff and students through computer or electronic media. This includes computer and network access and services, computer-delivered or enhanced instruction, library electronic information resources, library online catalogs and homepages, campus informational websites, computer-delivered or assisted administrative services, and voice and video programs and services.

Accessible Technology Initiative

ATI is the CSU commitment to providing access to information resources and technologies for students and the university's public with disabilities (physical, sensory, cognitive, learning).

ATI serves as a roadmap for ensuring accessibility based on state and federal law. SSU supports the idea of an equitable environment for all diverse students, employees and others who interact with us.

Ensuring the accessibility of information technology and resources is a shared responsibility that cuts across the campus and requires ongoing, overall institutional attention and commitment for its success. One of the common requirements in the ATI plan is the identification of roles and responsibilities for each aspect of accessibility.

Achieving accessibility will require collaboration among faculty, Disabled Student Services, bookstore, academic and student services departments, Information Technology, other institutional staff, and students with disabilities.